• David Smith

Movie Preview: 'Mission: Impossible-Fallout'

"Mission: Impossible-Fallout" is an upcoming thriller/action movie that is being released on July 27, 2018. In this movie, Ethan Hunt, who is played by Tom Cruise, finds himself and his IMF team in a race against time when a mission goes wrong.

This will be the sixth installment to the "Mission: Impossible" series, which began with the first movie in 1996. Tom Cruise has always played the main character, Ethan Hunt, who is an International Monetary Fund agent.

Tom Cruise has appeared in other movie series such as the "Jack Reacher" series. He has also appeared in recent movies such as "The Mummy" and "Edge of Tomorrow," but his acting career began in 1981, when he was just 19.

The director of this movie is Christopher McQuarrie, who is mainly known for writing many movies. Some of his most famous movies that he's written are "Rouge One: A Star Wars Story," "The Mummy," and "Jack the Giant Slayer." "He is the only person to direct two of the movies in this series." according to CommingSoon.net

The movie has not been rated yet, but the rating will be released soon. The movie is expected to be same as always, which is PG-13. The movie will have strong language and frightening scenes to some viewers.

Here is a trailer for "Mission: Impossible-Fallout":