• Damien Lane

'Fortnite' to cross-platform on PS4 and Xbox One?

Update: Xbox has decided not to cross-platform with PlayStation. The company will cross-platform with PC, Mac, iOS, and Android in the next few months, according to EpicGames.

The game "Fortnite" is a very popular game which has taken the gaming community by storm. The Initial release date for the game was July 25, 2017. The game released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, and Mac operating systems. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox brand, wants to do a cross-platform with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 for this game.

The game "Fortnite" would be the first time Xbox and PlayStation have come together to cross-play for a major game. The cross-platform wouldn't change anything about the gameplay or mechanics. The players who are on Xbox have an easier layout of controls than on PlayStation.

Xbox has cross-platformed with PC before, but never have with PlayStation. Cross-platforming between Xbox and PlayStation has never been done before because of the rivalry between the two console companies.

The gaming community is saying that some want the cross-platform between Xbox and PlayStation, but others hate the idea of cross-platforming. Xbox has asked PlayStation to cross-platform before, but PlayStation has time and time again said no to Xbox.

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