• Breanna Johns

Charter bus crashes in Alabama, killing 1

On March. 13, 2018, a charter tour bus, carrying high school students from Houston, crashed near the Florida-Alabama state line.

According to CNN, the driver of the bus was killed and several injured people were taken to 10 hospitals in Baldwin County, Alabama.

One person is in critical condition, five others were seriously injured, and others only suffered minor injuries. The exact number of injuries was not immediately clear.

Near the Florida state line, Interstate Highway 10 was closed in both directions. Authorities hope for the road to be reopened by noon.

"'The bus came to rest on one side down in the ravine. Those had to either be brought up by ropes or rappelling individuals from the fire department during the rescue operation. Some were carried out by either deputies or other law enforcement,' Baldwin County Sheriff Huey Hoss Mack said, explaining that the depth of the ravine complicated rescue efforts."

There was an estimated number of 45 people on the bus at the time of the wreck.

According to Fox News, about five of those passengers were adults.

The bus was carrying Channelview High School band students on their way home from Disney World in Orlando Florida.

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