• Allison McMIllian

Aston Martin plans to create all electric car line

At the Geneva International Motor Show, the UK car manufacturer Aston Martin previewed its new Lagonda Vision X concept, and it gives an option of a future Lagonda line with only electric cars. The cars will also have full autonomous driving technology, according to CNN.

The car's steering wheel can be moved left or right between the front seats so that it could be legally driven in different countries. The wheel can also retract when the car is driving itself. The interior is made up of wood, carbon fiber, wool, and silk. The car is planned to be released in 2021. The company plans to release a smaller version, as well as an SUV version of the car.

The Lagonda name originated from a different car brand, but Aston Martin bought it out of bankruptcy in 1947. It is an on-and-off car brand that has gone away and come back since then. The most famous Lagonda model is the V8 Lagonda model that came out in 1976. It was an aggressively wedge-shaped sedan with advanced technology for that time. It was known for looking futuristic and contained electrical switches rather than mechanical buttons or knobs.