• Tatum Williams

Virginia dad makes son run to school in rain as punishment for bullying

On March 1, 2018, Bryan Thornhill, a Virginia father, went on Facebook live to video his 10-year-old son running a​ mile to school in the rain as punishment for the three days he was suspended from the bus for bullying another student.

While some tried to reprimand the Roanoke, Va., man for not considering the child's health, others applauded him for his job well done in disciplining his son. According to the Washington Post, Thornhill said, "'This right here is just old-school, simple parenting,' he said in the video. 'This ain’t killing nobody. This is a healthy way for a child to be punished.'"

According to the Washington Post, "The 33-year-old father said that in life, 'you have to overcome the circumstances you put yourself in.'" Fox News stated that the video was viewed 1.6 million times, even though the original video was taken down from the site.

The Washington Post reports that "Thornhill, who calls himself a gun supporter, said in the video that he cannot lock his children in a safe like he can his guns. 'I can control guns easily forever. This, I’ve got to make sure I control now,' he said about the situation with his son." The father also said that the school is only a mile from their home and that his son is an athletic boy.