• David Smith

Video Game Preview: 'Spider Man'

"Spider Man: The Game" is an action/adventure game that is being released in late 2018. It doesn't have an official release date yet.

"The game will tell a new story about Spider-Man that is not tied to a film, comic book or video game," according to Playstation Lifestyle. The aspects of Peter and Spider-man will be more experienced. The game will have more intense missions and scenes.

The developer of the game is Insomniac Games; it is also their first licensed game. Its publishers is Sony Interactive Entertainment, who is known for publishing many different games, including "Uncharted" and "The Last of Us."

The game is only going to have a single player mode and is only going to be available on PlayStation 4 platforms. This might upset some gamers who love the Marvel games and characters but only have an Xbox One console.

The game's rating is still pending, but due to its violence, gore, and language it is expected to be rated T-M. To get more information on this game, visit your local Walmart or various websites.

Below is a Trailer for "Spider-Man: The Game"

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