• Allison McMIllian

Restaurant Review: Locos Grill & Pub

Loco's Grill and Pub is a restaurant based in Georgia. Recently, they have opened a restaurant near Cairo in Thomasville right next to Diablo's on Liberty Street. The grill just opened not too long ago, and they are still working out the kinks, but I did have a chance to go there and try the food.

The menu has many different items to choose from, including tacos and burgers. They even have a vegetarian section to their menu, which you don't see very often when eating out.

We were seated immediately, and we ordered an appetizer, which was chips and salsa. We also ordered cheese dip. The salsa was quite spicy but good overall. We then ordered our main dishes. I got a bacon cheeseburger, while my other family members got the french dip sandwich and chicken tacos.

The food was outstanding, but we did end up having to wait at least an hour for our food to come out. We had actually ordered one other appetizer, the fried cheese, and it arrived just shortly before our main orders. The kitchen was really backed up, and the waiters and waitresses were conflicted on which table got which food. The manager did come and apologize for the mix up and did not require us to pay for one of our plates that they messed up.

The atmosphere was cheerful; the waiters and waitresses were nice and not pushy. They were very responsive to our questions. The decor was based off of Thomasville high school sports teams (I saw the Thomasville Yellow Jackets jerseys). It felt newer, but it had a "home" feel. The restrooms were modern and clean.

I suggest going to Loco's if you have time to spare. I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars for the food and service.