• Breanna Johns

West Virginia students join their teachers during multi-day strike

Many students in West Virginia do not want more days off from school; they want their teachers to get better pay.

Every public school in the state of West Virginia has been closed due to the eight-day teacher work stoppage. This caused over 277,000 students to have some unexpected free time.

Last week, when union leaders agreed on a 5 percent raise for the teachers, the strike was supposed to end. Virginia Gov. Jim Justice said on Tuesday, Feb. 27, 2018, “However, because teachers' demands were not met by legislators over the weekend, they are not returning to their classrooms just yet.”

Though students are not happy about missing classes, many of them are rallying behind their state's educators.

"For us, this work stoppage is not about missing class," the students told CNN. "As we stated in our open letter, 'We understand that this strike is not just a day off from school for us; it is not about pay, it's about what's right.'”

Many of the students are worrying about falling behind in their classes due to the many days missed, but they are also "sympathetic for the teachers who teach them."

“The teachers say they are sensitive to the impact on the more than 275,000 public school students. Many of those kids come from low-income families and rely on subsidized breakfast and lunch for basic nutrition,” according to USA Today.