• Damien Lane

Xbox's free games of March 2018

A couple of free games come out every month on Xbox for people who have an Xbox gold subscription for their Xbox One or Xbox 360. The games come out on the third of every month as a thank you from the company to its customers. For March 2018, the company has added a special, secret game for players, but it will be released later in the month. Here are some of the free games players will see this month in the Microsoft

The games of March include different categories, such as side-scrolling platformers, puzzle games, and first-person shooters.The game "Trials of the Blood Dragon" is a dirt bike game developed by RedLynx and publisher by Ubisoft Studios. It was originally released on June 13, 2016, and it gained some spotlight as being published by the big name Ubisoft Studios. The game tells a story of the a rebel army taking back their land. The game has a rating of six out of ten for most gaming reviews.

A game that not many knew about was "Brave" the game. Brave is a action-adventure game that was released June 19, 2012. The game, itself, is based on the Disney movie "Brave." In the game, players get to explore a third-person world similar in a way to "Zelda."

The game "SuperHot" is another one of the free games of March. The game is an independent, first-person shooter developed and published by SuperHot Team on February 23, 2017. In the game, the player has to get though an army of red, crystal dummies to win. The game was rated nine out of ten and is a great game for something so simple.