• Damien Lane

'Rainbow Six Siege' Operators of Operation Outbreak revealed

The new Operators that are coming to the popular video game "Rainbow Siege Siege" are from the new Operation Outbreak, which is the year three season for "Rainbow." The new operation is mainly based around the idea of a co-op game mode of zombies for the computer-controlled players. The game mode changes the game itself to where the player can only choose from a small group of characters in the game to play this specific section of the game. The two new characters are included in the game mode as well as the multiplayer part of game as well.

One of the new operators is code named FINKA. She is from Snegiri, Russia. FINKA's real name is Lera, and she also comes from a place called Snegiri, Russia. She moved to Novosibirsk, Russia to study at Novosibirsk State University and graduated with a Ph.D. in Microbiology and Immunology.

FINKA went on studying in different ways of creating medications and ended up uncovering a variety of pathogens and neuropathies including her own through drugs and self-dissolving nanites, which is a short way of saying nanorobotics. She went on in to the Russian Army to keep her research going and ended up learning to be a weapons expert and a Close Quarter Battle (CQB) knife training expert. During one of the training sessions, a mistake happened and a misstep and flourish from Kapkan opened her face from brow to cheek, but FINKA went for a series of bone-breaking punches to his nose and ribs before the pain overwhelmed her.

The nanites ended up became something bigger then she thought. The nanites could boost your physical ability by ten times when injected with them but only for a short time. The Spetsnaz took notice of her work, skills, and wanted her to join. FINKA became a Spetsnaz CBRN Specialist, and joined the Vympel Unit under the FSB and used her nanobots to help her unit survive in the field. Her ideas in restructuring Russian battlefield protocols in the handling and neutralization of dangerous payloads earned her notice, to where she was the go-to person about joint exercises with other CTUs, Counter Terrorist Unit.

FINKA's in-game plays works off her nanites giving a health boost of 20 percent. She can only trigger the nanites two times in a round, but the boost can revive any down players when triggered. When the player is revived, they will only have 25 heath instead of 50. Usually, when you are normally revived by a team member, you receive 50.

FINKA's nanites can be easy to notice when a blue ring can be seen around the sides of the player's screen. The nanites also make it where your team can control the recoil of firearms better. The players can also run through barbwire faster and recover faster from stun effects. FINKA is a two speed and two armor operator with weapons primary of Spear-308, SASG-12, and 6P41. The secondary weapons of the new operator are the PMM Pistol and the GSH-18.

The second new operator from Outbreak is named Lion and he comes from a place called Limoges, France. The real name of Lion is Olivier and at the age of 17 his parents kicked him out the house. Olivier was roaming the streets depressed and ended up going on a drug and alcohol-fueled bender, getting trashed enough to land in the hospital. This was a wake up call in his life for him to have a purpose again.

Olivier joined the French Army and stayed in the army to help him build character and to break his drug and alcohol problems. He became a second-level in-combat rescuer, and joined the 2nd Dragoon Regiment in their role as a Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defense (CBRN) reaction force. During a Yellow Fever outbreak in Sudan, while protecting a field investigation team, his loud voice scared a frightened mob back and he gained the nickname “Lion” from the locals.

Lion started to make drones for him to scan the area looking for enemies. As he went on working with the drones, he made a drone that can fly itself and scan the area looking for any movement through roofs. After working so hard, the elite Police tactical unit of the French National Gendarmerie (GIGN) noticed him and asked him if he wanted to join them. Lion joined the GIGN and became a biohazard expert, using drones to maintain and hold quarantine perimeters of any type.

Lion SIGNATURE DEVICEEE-One-D (Drone) allows Lion to survey the area and maintain quarantine protocols on missions. He uses it to detect movement in an area in order to determine if someone is breaking quarantine.

His device can be used up to three times a round and requires the other team to stay put or they will be detected. The scan last for 30 seconds and then the player will have a cool-down timer before it can be triggered again. Lion is a two speed and two armor operator with primary weapons like the V308, 417 Marksman, and the RifleSG-CQB. The side arms are the P9-Pistol, and the LFP-586.

The two new operators are from the same places where Rainbow Six Siege has pulled their original characters before but this time the characters will have more of a background and involvement in the story of the game. The new operators are also from different parts of the world instead of being form the same place, and this will be a first for Rainbow Six Siege to have to different parts of world but in the same Operation.