• Jake Jordan

Fanged deer species becoming increasingly endangered

There many species of animals on planet Earth, and to this day, scientists and researchers are discovering new and extraordinary species every day.

Scientists have done research on a deer with elongated, vampire-like fangs. The animal's actual name is a Kashmir musk deer, and they are native to Afghanistan, India, and Pakistan.

Records say that the musk deer was first seen near Afghanistan's Nuristan province in 1948. According to Live Science, "A team of researchers scoured Afghanistan's Nuristan province during 2008 and 2009, and recorded five sightings of the animal." These were the first sightings of this animal since 1948.

The Kashmir musk deer all have been spotted at high altitudes or in high places on a mountain range. According to Live Science, "In the summer, they regularly trek along steep slopes that make them almost impossible to approach and keep them relatively safe from hunters."

Kashmir musk deer are an endangered species, but hunters still kill them for their meat, which is said to be high quality and which sells for almost $20,455 per pound on the black market. In addition, "the species is quickly losing suitable habitat. Recent geological surveys of the area show that it has lost about 50 percent of its mountainous forests since the 1970s, according to the study," according to Live Science.