• Damien Lane

Autonomous 'jumbo drone' prototype unveiled

The Chinese company Ehang has let the world take a small look at its newest technology: an autonomous drone that people can sit in and ride. The drone was created back in 2015 but was never fully shared with the public until February 2018. The drone has gained the name of the "Jumbo Drone" over the internet due to its appearance.

The drone has been on 40 different journeys during the past couple of years, but the flights haven't been recorded until now.

The drone looks just like a bigger version of a normal drone, with one seat for a passenger to ride in to their destination.

There are no controls for the flying drone at all. The autonomous drone is like a flying taxi for people, and with one press of a button, the drone will take off, taking the passenger to the drop-off.

The drone operates off of a computer-controlled flying system by looking through small cameras all over the autonomous drone. The cameras are locked in place to force the camera in on what is in front, behind, and around the drone.

The drone has no public record of crashing or malfunctioning while flying so far.