• Allison McMillian

Uber limits drive time for its drivers

Fatigue is a major thing to avoid when driving, especially in the U.S., where many accidents are caused due to fatigue. One option for tired drivers is to call a taxi, but no one considers the taxi drivers' health at the moment they're picked up. Ridesharing company Uber recently decided to update its policy by limiting drive time for its drivers.

Similar to Lyft, Uber has decided to place a 16-hour drive limit on its drivers. The drivers will be notified when their 16 hours are almost up, but after those 16 hours are up, the driver will be forced to stop. Although not all of Uber's drivers drive up to 16 hours per day, there is still a minority of drivers who overwork themselves. Fatigue is common in all drivers who drive for long periods of time. Truck drivers also have a similar protocol they must follow.

Uber says that they use a special device that runs time only when necessary. Time will not run while being at an airport waiting on their customer, but it will run while stopped at a red light.

As Uber Head of Safety Product Sachin Kansal explained, “There’s definitely a lot of third-party expertise that has gone into our thinking. But it’s also that we know how our drivers drive, we know road conditions, so we have baked all that into it as well.”

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