• Breanna Johns

How the Earth was Made: A Creation Myth

One morning the Sky Queen awoke in her home on a giant, beautiful, fluffy, pink cloud in “Sky World.” The Queen had been awoken by a terrible and frightening dream, but the Sky Queen’s dream wasn’t a dream at all: it was a glimpse of her future. At Sky Queen’s birth, the Dark Queen laid a curse upon her that on her 25th birthday, evil would come for her and consume her soul, unless she got the one and only beautiful yellow rose that only blooms at the top of “Cloud Mountain.” The Queen hurried to her feet and gathered Foxman the Fox, Ray the Rabbit, and Chimp the Chipmunk. Gathering these animals because of their bravery, she sent them out on the quest of “The Yellow Rose”.

With only three days until the Queen’s birthday, they knew they had to hurry. When the dark Queen found out that the Sky Queen had sent those three animals out to get the yellow rose, she became furious and was going to do everything in her power to stop them from getting that rose! As the mountain came into the animal’s sight, the Dark Queen sent a heavy rain, causing it to flood. The animals quickly ran to the tallest tree, and Chip quickly helped Foxman and Ray up the tree so they would not be taken away and killed by the flood. By the time the rain had stopped, one complete day had passed.

The three animals were relentless. They kept on going forward, and nothing was going to get in their way, or so they thought. By nightfall, the three animals had reached the mountain and started climbing. By morning, they were almost at the top, but then the Dark Queen caused an avalanche to come crashing down on them, trapping them under the snow. The Dark Queen was pleased. By the time the animals freed themselves and reached the top of the mountain, they were too late. Midnight struck. They had failed the Sky Queen.

At the sight of this, the Dark Queen was very pleased. She was going to turn everything into darkness. The Sky Queen knew the three animals had failed her, and she could feel herself get weaker and weaker. The Sky Queen knew she had to think and act fast before the evil completely consumed her soul. The Queen knew all the animals would not be safe around her. She’d got it! While she still could, the Queen created a world far away in space, where she couldn’t step foot. She made the world have seas for the water creatures, land for the land roaming creatures, and sky’s and trees for the birds. Then she created other humans to help protect the animals and to help keep the world from over populating. The last thing she created was the “Sun” for day and the “Moon” and “Stars” for night. Right before all the evil consumed the Sky Queen’s soul, she sent the animals to the world and then named the world she had created “Earth.”