• Allison McMIllian

Open concept, broken-plan taking home design world by storm

The open floor plan in home design has been taking the world by storm recently, but people still want their own little spaces. Designers have found a way of mixing privacy with the open concept by using a design called the "broken-plan." There are many different ways to achieve a the broken-plan in your home.

One suggestion would to be to use a divider or half wall. The dividers come in different materials of your choice, and if you have a "great" (very large) room, you could use glass windows to leave the open feel partially there, according to Fox News.

You can also use furniture and make designated seating areas for certain things. For example, one seating area could be for lounging and another could be for family discussion. Rugs are also a great choice to make the room seem more alive when it is open concept.

Definitely consider using curtains. Curtains are primarily used to cover windows, but they can be used to create a sheer divider between an open room, especially if you live in a studio apartment.

Make sure to keep your doors open. Rarely will you see doors in this plan, but if you do have doors, leave them open. The doors will give an open feel to the home but also make that specific area secluded.

Color code certain areas of the concept. Certain areas need to contain certain colors to show that part of the room is made for something different. Use bright colors in your living space so it is open and cozy.

Look at your flooring. Lift up a section of the flooring so it creates a step. This should help separate parts of the house.