• Breanna Johns

Community tries to save teacher from deportation

On Jan. 24, 2018, a Chemistry teacher from Lawrence, Kan., named Syed Ahmed Jamal was handcuffed and arrested by Immigration and Customs Enforcement in his front yard as he was about to take his kids to school.

Jamal’s wife and their three kids have been getting help from their community.

According to Jamal’s attorney, Jeffrey Y. Bennett, “Jamal is being held in Morgan County, Missouri, awaiting deportation.”

Jamal and his family await a decision on the recent stay of removal request sent to ICE on February 2.

Meanwhile, they continue their campaign. The petition reads, "Syed is a devoted supporter of his children's schools, regularly volunteering in classrooms and on site councils and recently mounting a campaign for a vacated school board seat. Syed is viewed as a leader within his faith community at the Lawrence Islamic Center as well."

It has received over 33,576 signatures, and the GoFundMe page has raised $24,925.

Jamal’s three kids were all born in the United States and are citizens. Jamal’s wife is not a United States citizen and is going to be in the same situation as her husband.

"We are the children of Syed Jamal, and we are requesting on behalf of our family for your kind help to get back our father. A home is not a home without a father. Taseen Jamal, 9th grader, Naheen Jamal, 7th grader & Fareed Jamal, 1st grader."