• Monty Alexander

Japanese avalanche kills 1, injures more

In Japan, after a volcano erupted on Jan. 23, 2018, an avalanche soon struck skiers, killing one and injuring more at the Kusatsu Kokusai ski resort. About 100 people were evacuated.

The volcano, named Kusatsu-Shirane, had erupted Tuesday morning, and the avalanche was said to have happened almost simultaneously. Recorded footage shows falling rocks resulting from the volcano eruption. These rocks could have been thrown for about a mile.

A skier told the NHK, a local Japanese news source, “The gondola suddenly stopped, then the ash cloud hit so I thought there had been some kind of eruption nearby, I was scared."

The casualty was a 49-year-old soldier who was partaking in training exercises and had died from his injuries.

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