• Damien Lane

New air cooling motorcycle helmet gadget

The new gadget called the helmet air conditioner can go on any helmet by strapping it to the front of the helmet with a blue strap that goes around the helmet. The gadget works by using a small fan that runs off a small, rechargeable battery and a water reservoir.

The water reservoir works by cooling the wind coming though the gadget into the helmet by two pipes. The cooled down air is then gently blown into the helmet, cooling off the rider. The air conditioner can make the temperature of the helmet drop by 25 percent.

The gadget does have a safety break away built with it, as well. If the rider crashes, it will break off so none of the pieces can come back into the helmet and hurt the rider.

The maker of the product is by BlueArmor Helmets; the company has made some safety helmets in the past, but none of the past helmet ideas became very popular, according to FoxNews.