• Breanna Johns

Florida boy arrested after repeatedly hitting a teacher

Last week, a 7-year-old Miami, Fla. boy was arrested and removed from his school after he repeatedly punched a teacher in the back, kicked her, and grabbed her by her hair.

On Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018, a teacher at the Coral Way K-8 center, located in Miami, told a first-grader in the cafeteria to stop playing with his food. When the child refused to stop, he was taken out of the cafeteria.

The Police report says, “the boy hit the teacher repeatedly in the back when they were in a hallway outside the cafeteria. The child continued punching and kicking the teacher until they both fell on the ground.”

The boy was briefly hospitalized at the local Children’s Hospital; this was necessary since, under the Florida Mental Health Act, his behavior could have posed a threat to himself or others.

The child's mother, Mercy Alvarez, said her son doesn't have a mental disorder. Instead, she called her son's arrest "police abuse." She said that the officer was threatening to take her child to jail if she did not allow him to be taken to the mental health facility.

"If my child wasn't aggressive anymore when we got there, like they were saying he was before, why take such extreme measures?" she asked. She said that he does not act aggressive at home and has been a good student, both in behavior and grades, up until this year.

According to WCTV, “The child's father agreed with school officials that the child should be taken to a mental health facility," the report said.

The press does not typically identify minors who have been arrested, but they are naming the child’s mother because she has posted openly on social media about the case.

After the incident the teacher told the police officer her back was hurting but she did not have any visible injuries. The teacher does intend to press charges.