• Cierra Bynum

Rugby player's amazing hit gives him a chance in the NFL

An amazing hit by rugby player Christian Scotland-Williamson could lead to a career in the NFL for the player.

“I came off the field and everyone’s phone was lighting up and then things started to change,” Scotland-Williamson told USA Today.

Scotland-Williamson, who is six-foot-nine and 275 pounds, drove his opponent, Alex Rieder, several feet backwards with astounding power.

The first connection to football he got was from his older brother, who plays college basketball at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. His brother told him about the NFL international player development pathway, according to USA Today.

Now, only five months later, he is at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., practicing football. Scotland-Williamson said he "always enjoyed watching football but never imagined it as an option.”

“English boys growing up don't really have any realistic ambition to play in the NFL, because it's not something that's done. They haven't seen that many people born in the United Kingdom and educated there go on to make a success of it,” Scotland-Williamson told USA Today.

He hopes to inspire other British youngsters to play football.

His physicality speaks for itself, but he has to improve his knowledge about the game. He has been doing so by playing Madden, watching reruns, and practicing any chance he gets.

Scotland-Williamson is not the only rugby player to play in the NFL. Alex Gray spent last season practicing with the Atlanta Falcons. Jarryd Hayne has played eight games with the San Francisco 49ers as a running back and a punt returner.

Here's a YouTube clip showing Scotland-Williamson's amazing hit.