• Michelle Hebert

Michigan State University students paint rock for Larry Nassar’s victims

Michigan State University students painted a boulder on their campus known as “The Rock” to show support of all the females who spoke out about Larry Nassar. More than 150 females appeared at Nassar’s sentencing to accuse him of abuse before he was sentenced to 175 years in prison, multiple sources reported. “The Rock” is an outward sign of support.

First, the boulder was painted white. After the white dried, the words “THANK YOU” were painted in teal along with a heart. Finally, more than 150 of the females’ names were hand painted. The color teal has a purpose: it is the color of sexual assault awareness, CNN reported.

Nassar was a Michigan State University doctor, according to CNN. People claim Michigan State knew about the Nassar situation and didn’t speak up. The whole sentencing process of Nassar was popular topic of discussion at the school. The atmosphere of the school was greatly affected by the sentencing: “By the end of the week, Michigan State, a powerhouse public university, sat quiet. It was cold and still on campus,” the Washington Post reported. Workers and students at Michigan State started to question their feelings of trust towards the university.

“The Rock” can be thought of as a billboard on the campus. It is constantly changing. Many different things are painted on the boulder: birthday messages to messages about politics. Before the boulder was painted for the victims, the rock had “Time's up. Change Lou Anna” to express opinions towards the president of the university, according to USA Today.