• Damien Lane

Yamaha buys patent for tilting three-wheeler

Three-wheelers have been becoming more popular over the past months. Yamaha noticed that and bought the patent for a new three-wheeler setup from the BrudeliTech company. They even went as far as to make sure all the employees kept their jobs, as well.

The new "Leanster" model, originally designed by Brudeli, flips the usual arrangement of wheels, with two wheels in the front and just one wheel in the back. The model also has shocks which allow for the center of gravity of the bike to move with the rider.The shocks will also help the vehicle with rough ground and give the rider the ability to lean with the bike, in some models nearly all the way to the ground when rounding corners.

Yamaha hasn't released any more information about the bike or even buying the patent at all. It looks like Yamaha is still working on the bike and maybe more models for the three-wheeler.