• Beth Kilgo

Three killed in Italian train crash

After a train derailed and crashed near Milan, Italy, on Jan. 25, 2018, dozens were injured and three people were killed. At least eight are in critical condition following the crash. The train derailed at 7:00 a.m. (1 a.m. ET) in Pioltello. According to CNN, all passengers are now accounted for, the Red Cross in Italy said.

The train was carrying about 250 people and was headed to Milan’s Porta Garibaldi from Cremona. Authorities think that it was a structural collapse that caused the crash.

“The rail track collapse was detected 2.3 kilometers before the spot of the accident, just before the Pioltello platform... but it is premature to establish the dynamics of the accident,” RFI regional director Vincenzo Macello told reporters. Macello also said “that maintenance work was regularly carried out on the track and that it was constantly monitored.”

A spokesperson for Trenord, a railway company (joint venture) responsible for the operation of passenger trains, said that the train had been traveling at normal speed.

Identities of the victims have not been confirmed, but Italian media reports state that they were all women.

Milan Mayor Beppe Sala intends to invest more money in Italy’s infrastructure in order to improve transport safety.

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