• Damien Lane

New DLC released for "Dead By Daylight"

The survival horror online multiplayer game "Dead By Daylight" has been out since June 14, 2016, and every couple of months the developer, Behaviour Interactive, has released new DLCs. The newest DLC has a new type of killer roaming the woods named "The pig." The killer comes from the popular movie series "Saw." The pig was in the very first movie and stayed in the series for much the time but was absent for a couple movies.

The pig was a person dressed up in a real pig head, draped with a black wig, wearing a cover coat. The killer in-game will run after the character to grab them or knock them down to place a gadget on their head called the Jigsaw's reverse bear trap. When the trap is placed on top of the victim's head, a timer starts telling the victim how much time they have until the trap goes off.

The goal of the killer's trap is to eliminate the person from the game, which brings the killer one step closer to winning the game.The victim does have a chance to get the trap off their head by playing the games of "Saw."

Boxes are placed around the map, with "Billy" the pupper (another well-known character from the "Saw" movies) sitting on the top of the box. The box is for the players to play the games of Saw. To play the game, the player puts both his hands in a box to hit five check marks; if the player fails to do so, a hand will be chopped off. The player can try again but runs the risk of losing both hands. If the player can beat Saw at his game, the trap will unlock and the player will go free from the trap.