• Tatum Williams

Known population of world's rarest fish doubles

The Thymichthys politus, also known as the red hand fish, has been critically endangered for some time now, but with the discovery of another colony of this species, the known population has now doubled.

Up until this resent finding, scientists suspected that there were only 20 to 40 of these animals around, but with this most resent discovery, they have an ignited hope that there are other fish colonies such as these two in places around the world.

According to Live Science, the first group scientists found "comprise[d] between 20 and 40 individual fish that [were] living in Frederick Henry Bay, off the southeastern coast of the island of Tasmania, Australia." While the new group's location hasn't been specified, it has been said that it lives a few miles away from this first colony.

Live Science also reports that since these sea creatures waddle across the sea floor, they only live in areas with perimeters of about two tennis courts, which is fairly small for sea-dwelling creatures.