• Damien Lane

Drone racing becoming the biggest tech sport

Drone racing began as an amateur sport in Australia in late 2014. Ever since it started, the tech sport took off, growing to become one of the top tech sports of 2018. People mainly watch drones from YouTube or from a channel streaming it live on TV.

Last year, the first drone racing world championship was held on the Las Vegas strip.

Thirty-two individuals from around the world competed in the championship. They were going for the grand prize of $50,000 for the first place winner

The way to win the drone race is like any normal race, but there is a twist in this race.

The people flying the drones must fly around, under, over, or though obstacles on the course. The drones also have a small camera mounted on top of them. This gives the people flying them live feeds coming from the cameras in first-person viewpoints.

The sport has no rule on how old competitors have to be in order to participate. A 12- year-old boy proved that fact by playing against much older people in the sport.

Fans of the tech sport hope that in years the game will grow and become more popular so the fun sport can keep going.


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