• Damien Lane

Australian father rescues son with help of borrowed helicopter

Tony Lethbridge, the father of a 17-year-old teen named Samuel Lethbridge, began to get worried when his son didn't come home on Jan. 14, 2018. Samuel was last known to be out on Saturday night hanging out at his friend's house. That Sunday morning when Samuel didn't arrive at home, the father knew something wasn't right.

The father reported his son missing to the police, but the police told him that his son most likely ran away. The father stated, "that's not Samuel" and said that his son would have told him if he was going anywhere else, according to Fox News.

Lethbridge went home to think about what he could do to find his son before it would be to late. After waiting some hours, he went out to get a helicopter to find his son. The father found a number to a skydiving place nearby called "Skyline Aviation" and got in touch with the co-owner, Lee Mitchell.

Lethbridge told Mitchell that he only had $797 and asked whether that would be enough to cover the costs. Mitchell told the father that it would be and went with him personally to help find his son. After only 14 minutes, they spotted the car crashed off the road down a hill. Lee said, "You never would have been able to see the car from the road."

When the helicopter landed, Lethbridge ran to the car of this child, fearing the worst. The teen was found alive but hurt and stuck inside the wrecked car. It took 30 hours to cut apart the car to get Samuel out to receive care.