• Cierra Bynum

Washington State's quarterback commits suicide

Washington State’s quarterback Tyler Hilinski committed suicide on Jan. 16, 2018; he was found in his house, and next to his body was a suicide note.

On Jan. 19, 2018, the police interviewed his friends to see if they could find the reason why the 21-year-old would commit suicide.

"The missing piece here is why. Most of our investigation will be conducting interviews," Police Chief Gary Jenkins told USA Today.

Jenkins refused to reveal the contents of the suicide note.

The Hilinski family revealed that they were in “complete shock.”

"Tyler was the kid that put a smile on everybody's face when they were down, especially his family. We will mourn the loss of Tyler for some time but celebrate the way he lived his life every day," The Hilinski family told USA Today.

A memorial has been built near the football stadium on the Pullman campus next to the mascot statue.

In Hilinski’s sophomore year, he played in eight games, passing for 1,176 yards and seven touchdowns. His most memorable moment was when he came off the bench to rally Washington State from a 21-point deficit to beat Boise State in a triple overtime.

Hilinski was from Claremont, Cal., and went to high school in Upland. He arrived at Washington State in 2015 and was redshirted before appearing in four games in 2016.