• Jake Jordan

North Carolina alligators adapt to the harsh weather

According to LiveScience, alligators in North Carolina recently adapted to the weather during the winter by swimming to the top of the water and sticking their noses out of the frozen water to breathe. They did this while putting themselves into a frozen, coma-like state.

Unlike warm-blooded animals, alligators don't have the ability to warm their own bodies; they rely on the sun to keep their bodies warm and lay in warm air pockets that they dig underground. They often do this to warm up after eating.

Like animals that go through hibernation, alligators normally sleep the winter away, but these alligators in North Carolina had to adapt to the harsh environments which left them vulnerable by putting themselves into a coma-like state with their snouts poking out from the surface of the water. In other words, their bodies kept functioning internally but they weren't conscious and moving around.

The people of North Carolina took advantage of the opportunity by pulling some of the more unconscious alligators out of the water and killing them for their meat and skins..