• Tatum Williams

British man sneezes hole in throat

A 34-year-old British man literally sneezed a hole in his throat. According to ABC News, the man "attempted to suppress a sneeze by clamping his mouth shut and blocking both nostrils, but the resulting force perforated his pharynx, the part of the throat just above the larynx and oesophagus."

The source also stated that it was severely painful for the man to swallow, and when the doctors examined his swollen throat, they heard popping sounds, which were the result of his muscles and deep tissue being filled with air bubbles.

According to Science Alert, "His neck immediately swelled up, and not long after, he started finding it extremely painful to swallow and all but lost his voice, said doctors from the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust."

The man was kept for about two weeks for closer examination and observation and was given antibiotics for the swelling and pain to subside. A case quite similar to this occurred in 2011, when a 38-year-old man in Boston did the same thing, resulting in similar injuries.