• Cierra Bynum

Alabama player who attacked coach and Georgia player transfers

Former Alabama Crimson Tide linebacker Mekhi Brown, who attempted to attack an assistant coach and punched a Georgia player during the National Championship on Jan. 8, 2018, has transferred to Tennessee State.

Brown actually applied to TSU and had been accepted during the fall a month before the Championship game, according to USA Today.

Due to Brown’s hostility, there will be stipulations before he is allowed to play with TSU. If Brown meets these stipulations, he will be allowed to participate in the spring practice and eligible to play in games next fall.

Brown punched Walter Grant, a Cairo High graduate and former Syrupmaker football player who now plays with the Georgia Bulldogs as an outside linebacker.

When Yahoo Sports reporters asked Brown about his hostility towards Grant he replied, “I really felt like a jerk. That’s not how I am. I wanted to win, that’s what it was. I did something stupid. I could have cost us the game.”

Brown received a personal foul penalty for the punch, causing his team to lose 15 yards. After being scolded by Alabama head coach Nick Saban, he was caught on camera trying to attack an assistant coach but was held back by a team mate. However, Brown was still able to play after the incident, according to USA Today.

The video below shows Brown punching Grant and then attempting to attack the assistant coach.