• Damien Lane

Tech Review: Best gaming headset for a low price

The VersionTech G2000 Stereo is a new headset that has broken the chain of high- priced headsets for gaming. The headset is $27.99 on Amazon, Wall-mart, and Best Buy. The price range of normal gaming headsets begins at around $60 and goes up to as much as $200. The headset looks decent and contains good quality for a low price.

The headset itself is wired, meaning that it has a cable that connects to the controller or gaming system, itself. However, the company does make different types of headsets that are wireless, as well, and they come in different designs. It can also come in different body colors, as well as different colored LED lights.

The headset has noise-cancelling earmuffs and led lights around the outer ear. The nondetachable mic is on the left earmuff and can be bent up to and moved out of way.

The headset overall has a great price for the quality of the headset and is easy it is to work with. Friends I know who have bought the headset say that it works just like one of the more expensive headsets you can buy and that it is more reliable than one of the cheaper headsets, such as the off-brand ones you can find at Wal-Mart or online for $17 or so.

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