• Damien Lane

GTA Online's Doomsday Heist out now

The new DLC Doomsday Heist for "GTA V" was released at the end of 2017, and people are saving up to buy all the new guns, clothes, and buildings. The DLC has given players a way to make more in-game currency. To participate in the Doomsday Heist, you will have to buy and own one of the Facilities placed on the map.

To begin one of the heists, you will have to own a Facility. The heist itself has prep missions and setups. The main heist can then start, but to even start the preps for the heist, in game money will have to be spent. The DLC was filled with new and different vehicles to use for the new heists or to just mess around with.

There were 23 vehicles added all together for purchase, in a mixture of standard and military-type vehicles. The new standard vehicles are trucks, cars, and super cars. The new weapons are upgraded versions of previous guns in the game. If the gun is upgraded, the abilities of the weapon can become better or the ammo itself can be changed.

New military clothes have also been added for players to buy and show off to their friends and to role play as the military of Los Santos.

The new things added into "GTA V" have been getting more wild for the past year, but Rockstar Games has said that they will be taking a break from making DLCs for a short time to work on the game, itself.