• Tatum Williams

Wolf spider spreads fire throughout California apartment

A block of apartments were set ablaze on Sunday by a man who decided the best way to kill a spider was to burn it.

The fire occurred in the northern California city of Redding,162 miles from the state capital.

This spider was later identified by witnesses as a "huge wolf spider."

According to the BBC, no civilians were reported as injured. All were evacuated, but some of the apartments were uninhabitable by the time the fire was put out.

"The local fire department chief, Gerry Gray, confirmed to the BBC that a fire had taken place in an apartment block, but that the cause of the fire was still 'undetermined.'" Witnesses said that "the spider spread the fire when it scurried onto a nearby mattress."

Even though the mattress fire was put out before authorities came, it was too late because the fire had spread to other areas of the flat and continued to cover more and more space.

Officials told the BBC that the total damages of the fire were around $11,000.