• Monty Alexander

7.6 Earthquake hits Central America

On Tuesday, Jan 9, 2017, a 7.6 magnitude earthquake hit off of the coast of Honduras. It was located 185 miles from Brus Laguna,Honduras.

This earthquake has been said to be the strongest earthquake to strike the Caribbean in modern times. The earthquake set off tsunami warnings that lasted for about an hour in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and other Caribbean islands. The coasts of other countries such as Mexico were placed under alert, as well. Witnesses said that it was violent but did not last too long.

The sea level at the time could have risen from a foot to three feet, but that did not happen. The earthquake was very shallow, so the affect of it was amplified. Countries such as Puerto Rico sent out urgent warnings to the citizens living on coastlines, telling them to move away from the beaches and harbors.

There have been no immediate reports on deaths or damages.