• Jake Jordan

Wild animals attack elderly European hiker

According to CBS News, a 63- three-year old Greek hiker named Celia Lois Hollingworth was attacked and mauled by what was likely a pack of wolves. Reports say that gnawed bone was found near a tiny village called Petrota in the northeast part the country.

The police department said that Celia was actually on the phone with her brother while being attacked by wolves. Her brother told reporters that his sister called him saying that she was being attacked by a pack of dogs.

CBS reported, "Police said Hollingworth had been visiting a seaside archaeological site at Messimvria on Thursday, where she arrived by taxi from the village of Maronei — home to another ancient site — about 19 miles away by road. She was last seen alive later in the day on a path that forms a shortcut between the two sites."

Hair found near the body of Hollingworth was tested, and the results show that it belonged to a carnivore. That means that she was either first attacked by a carnivore or later fed upon by one. Her remains were only small fragments of the hip bone and of her jaw. Also, according to remains specialist Nikos Kifnidis, "a vet at Wednesday's autopsy in the nearby town of Komotini confirmed that no dog or jackal could have administered such bites."