• Michelle Hebert

LG unveils new television that can roll up

At the International Consumer Electronics Show 2018, LG displayed the company’s prototype for a television that can be rolled up like a piece of paper. Last year, a similar prototype was displayed, and it was only 18-inches; this year, the prototype is 65-inches, multiple sources reported.

The front of the 4k OLED display is rigid, flat, and functions just like a regular television screen; on the back, however, small vertical flats exist so the television can be curved for storage, according to CNN. The screen can also be rolled down partially to create different ways for users to view whatever they are watching.

According to the Verge, the technology being used is built upon LG's forward-looking OLED work, which focuses on displays which can be bended, curved, or even rolled.

In 2015, the company also showed similar technology that can serve as proof they created the concept, the Verge reported.

“An easy-to-store display could appeal to consumers and businesses who want a ginormous television but don't have enough space,” CNN reported. News sources have not yet reported about how the television could be stored.

LG recently also revealed a television that is 2.57 millimeters thin and so light that it can be hung up with magnets, according to Daily Mail. The company is going in the direction of the new technology of thin televisions.