• Allison McMillian & Breanna Johns

Heavy rain causes deadly flooding in Southern California

Update: A total of 20 people were killed in this disaster as of Monday, January 15.

In the early morning hours of Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018, heavy rain caused flooding in Southern California. People were told to evacuate in the counties of Santa Barbara, Ventura, and Los Angeles, according to CNN.

The South California coastal city of Montecito has been hit hard, and six homes have been completely swept off their foundations by the powerful debris. Firefighters have rescued at least eight people, but two dozen people are missing, and the "numbers are expected to go up significantly," says Santa Barbara County fire spokesman Mike Eliason. He also told CNN that moving Debris hit a gas main, starting a fire.

According to WCTV “Santa Barbara Spokesman Amber Anderson says Wednesday that officials no idea where the missing people may be but believe they are in within the debris field.”

The rain fell on charred lands from the recent wildfires, causing mudslides and flooding. Usually vegetation would soak up an excessive amounts of water, but because everything was burned, the water had no where to go.

"#CAstorm-Heavy rains have triggered massive runoff in the Montecito area. Multiple rescues from vehicles and structures are underway. Access is difficult/delayed due to-at some locations-waist deep mudflow, trees, and wires down. Avoid the area." - SBCFireInfo (@EliasonMike)

Wednesday the California Highway Patrol reported that one man’s vehicle went 100 feet down an embankment off Highway 121 and crashed. According to WCTV, “The man, who has not been identified was found dead inside his car.”

In the flash-floods that struck the costal enclave of Montecito and adjacent areas of Santa Barbara County, 100 single-family homes were destroyed and a statement made Wednesday says an additional 300 homes were damaged.