• Tatum Williams

European storm Eleanor proves fatal

For Western Europeans, 2018 has been struck with tragedy, as storm Eleanor has made its appearance, causing three tragic losses of life, flooded and ruined homes, and endangered lives. According to the BBC, "Two people drowned on Spain's northern Basque coast after being swept away by a huge wave and a skier was killed by a falling tree in the French Alps."

Multiple sources have reported that most air travel was stopped, power outages swept across the line of the storm, and roofs were been blown off of Birmingham stores. According to the BBC, "The storm has also swept over parts of Germany and Austria, where about 20 skiers had to be rescued from cable car in Kitzbühel after a gust dislodged an empty car from its mooring, local media said."

Rescues have already begun, and according to Cornwall Live, a man and his dog were swept out to sea. The event caused a couple of heroic souls to emerge in the form of a local and a tourist, as they attempted to rescue the pair and eventually succeeded.