• Tatum Williams

Aggressive turkeys prevent mail service

According to Fox6 News, based out of Milwaukee, Wis., a flock of hostile turkeys prevented the postal carriers from providing a section of the citizens of Rocky River, Ohio, their mail.

Cleveland.com reports that the residents on Edgewood Drive, Valley View Drive, High Parkway, Schlather Lane, East Shoreland Avenue and Winfield Avenue have yet to receive their mail at their homes and have been appearing at the post office to pick it up themselves, due to the unsafe conditions the turkeys have created for the carriers.

It was reported on multiple news sites that the problem has been persisting for around three weeks and that the city, ironically, sent out a letter to plead the citizens to stop throwing out bird feed in hopes that the turkeys would leave and give way for the mail deliveries. No postal carriers have been injured, but many have been pecked at, which has led to carriers being equipped with air-horns to transport the mail in the evenings.