• Breanna Johns

Trump Tower fire injures three people

A heating and air-conditioning system in Trump Towers, located in New York City, caught fire and injured three people on Jan. 8, 2018.

"The injuries were to a firefighter who was hurt when debris fell on him, an engineer who attempted to put out the fire with an extinguisher and inhaled smoke, and another civilian whose injuries were not immediately disclosed," according to CNN. The firefighter and civilians were treated for their injuries, which were non-life threatening.

According to the New York Fire Department, “The fire started around 7 a.m. Monday at the building that contains President Donald Trump’s home and business offices.” The fire took an hour to put out, according to WCTV.

Eighty-four firefighters were on the scene at the time of the fire. Half an hour later, only a few remained on the roof.

According to New York Magazine, “President Trump was not in the building, and nobody was evacuated.” After the fire was extinguished, President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump tweeted his thanks to the fire fighters for doing “an incredible job.”