• David Smith

Volvo company predicts death-proof cars by 2020

Scientists are predicting that we will have crash-proof cars by the year 2020. Volvo is one vehicle company that will attempt to producing such crash-proof cars.

Volvo is a vehicle company known for making all types of automobiles. The Swedish company is owned by the Ford Motor Company.

According to Wired, “Cutting pre-impact speed by even 10 mph would cut the death rate in half, so self-braking systems are key to reducing traffic fatalities.”

These future models would include four sensors that would be able to detect pedestrians around you. Other features would include the ability of the car to read signs and alert you if you are speeding. They would also be able to detect large animals that are crossing the road.

“$450 billion is lost in accidents and deaths each year,” according to the Connected Vehicle Trade Association.