• Damien Lane

New robot 'dogs' being created for the military

Boston Dynamics is a Robotics company that was founded in 1992 by Marc Raibert. The company works with the army to create robots, including its best-known robot, called BigDog, which has taken the internet by storm.

BigDog was created in 2005 for the military by robotics manufacturer Foster-Miller in the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The main use was for the robot was to move with units and carry equipment and weapons on the battled field. BigDog didn’t last long; it was deemed too loud for combat and creepy in appearance, so it was put back into the lab to be worked on.

Since then, Boston Dynamics has worked non-stop to make new robots that are

less loud and more attractive. The newest robot that Boston Dynamics has created lately is called SpotMini. SpotMini is the first walking robot that can be inside your home and help around the house; it is also half the size of the BigDog. SpotMini is only sixty-six pounds and two feet tall but can carry up to 30 pounds of weight on its back for approximately 90 minutes.