• Damien Lane

Xbox One releases 'PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds'

The game "PlayerUnknows's

Battlegrounds" was released for Xbox One on Dec.,12, 2017. The game is based on a last team standing, or self-standing, format, which means that one team or one person will be the last alive.

You start the game in a plane which flies over a very large map. At one point, you can jump out the flying plane to any spot of your choosing to land. After you land, you will have to loot for cloths and weapons, like the M16, ScarH, P90, and 1911 colt.

The vehicles in the game can be driven, but can run out of gas. The vehicles can be refueled to keep you going. "Battlegrounds" offers an assortment of vehicles for you to choose from: cars, buggies, bikes, and boats.

"Battlegrounds" does have a system to keep the game moving and action-filled. There is a circle, or wall of death, in the game that starts as a huge circle that slowly get smaller as the game goes on. If you're caught outside the wall, you take damage. The wall of death chooses a random spot inside the circle; that is the point around which the new circle will shrink.

The game is available for $30 as a preview at the moment because the whole game is still a work in progress. It's unclear at this point whether more content will be added.

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