Toxic air damages brain tissues of infants

More infants have become affected by air pollution this year. According to CNN, almost seven million infants worldwide breathe in toxic air, which leads to an outcome of brain damage and health problems in babies.

One of the causes for increases in air pollution is a high number of people who use tobacco, which can also affect babies in wombs through second hand smoking. The toxic air contains particles that damage brain tissue, especially in babies who are exposed to high amounts of polluted air.

Exposure to pollution prevents the brain from developing normally and fully. It takes 1,000 days after the baby is born for the brain to normally develop and form neural connections. Toxic air leads to problems in babies having difficulties in memory, health, thinking, IQ, and learning. It also causes psychological issues, including anxiety and depression.

Pregnant women are also at risk of being exposed to toxic air, leading to low birth weights in newborns.