• Cierra Bynum

Steelers lose to Patriots on failed spike attempts

On Nov.17, 2017, the New England Patriots defeated the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-24.

A failed fake spike attempt by Steelers star quarterback Ben Roethlisberber led to an interception by Patriots safety Duron Harmon.

Roethlisberber said, “the play wasn’t supposed to unfold the way it did.”

“It wasn’t a fake spike. I was yelling ‘Clock it.’ It felt like that was the thing to do, to clock it and get yourself one play. But it came from the sidelines: ‘Don’t clock it. Don’t clock it.’ Well, at that time, everyone thinks it’s getting clocked, so you don’t have time to try to get everyone lined up. I saw (receiver) Eli (Rogers) try and run a quick slant in there, and at that time, you’ve just got to try to make a play. I probably didn’t make a good enough throw,” Roethlisberber told USA Today.

Patriot’s safety Eric Rowe deflected the pass, which allowed it to pop up in the air be intercepted by Harmon.

The ball was snapped with only nine seconds left in the game. Roethlisberber wanted to go for the touchdown because his team was down three points, and it was third down. Roethlisberber could have done other plays like heaving it out of the end zone and leaving time for place kicker Chris Boswell to kick a field goal that would have tied the game.

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