• Tatum Williams

Over two hundred Royal Caribbean cruisers suffer illness

Cruises are full of fun family times or relaxing personal moments of travel, but for 220 passengers aboard one ship last week, that was not the case.

Gastro-intestinal illness had been running rapid through out the Royal Caribbean ship departed from Port Everglades, Florida. According to ABC News, "About 220 passengers aboard a five-night Caribbean cruise, slated to return to Ft. Lauderdale Saturday morning, suffered from a gastro-intestinal illness over the past week, Royal Caribbean announced."

Some symptoms of this illness are nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pains and cramps, blood in your stools, and a high fever. According to kidshealth.org, Gastrointestinal Illness is "Diarrhea, with its frequent and watery bowel movements, often is caused by gastrointestinal infections (although other illnesses and dietary changes also can be culprits)." This illness can be contracted from parasites, viruses, or bacteria.

220 cases of this illness were recorded throughout the span of the week, and according to ABC News, that makes up 4.86 percent of the 5,547 guests and crew aboard the ship. The workers and owners of the ship are working to investigate the sanitary procedures to further ensure passengers of their safety aboard the ship.

According to ABC News, "More than 200 people became sick and five were hospitalized in Australia after an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness," causing future passengers to be weary of this cruise line.