List of healthiest and unhealthiest states for 2017 released

According to a new report by the United Health Foundation, Massachusetts is now the healthiest state in the Unites States. Along with Massachusetts, Hawaii, Vermont, Utah, and Connecticut are also ranked the healthiest states in the Unites States.

The least healthiest states are West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, according to the findings.

Many of the topics that the report focused on were infectious diseases, obesity, physical inactivity, smoking, air pollution levels, and the number of health care providers the states have. Massachusetts was named the healthiest state because it has the lowest percent, 2.7%, of uninsured residents for its overall population. The state also has the highest amount of health care providers and a low percent of people who are obese.

Due to the high percentages of obesity, child poverty, and people who smoke, Mississippi and Louisiana were named as the least healthy states in the U.S ranking 49 and 50.

According to the United Health Foundation, the United States is ranked number 27 out of 35 countries included in the study in terms of life expectancy.

There are several ways to improve the health of many of the states in the U.S., including reducing smoking, increasing tobacco taxes, and increasing the number of healthcare providers. The U.S. could also place taxes on sweetened foods and beverages to combat obesity. The most effective way to improve the health of citizens is for the government, communities, and health systems to work together to take action.