CNN recognizes five young heroes

On Dec. 17, 2017, CNN aired its eleventh annual “CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute.” It recognized five young heroes who have made positive impacts in their communities through organizations related to literacy, environmentalism, coding skills, nutrition, and simple compassion.

Campbell Remess, one of the young heroes, asked his parents if they could buy Christmas presents for the children at his local hospital when he was nine years old. His parents told him that it would be expensive to buy Christmas presents for all the kids who were sick. He founded Project 365 and started to use his mother’s sewing machine to make his own teddy bears to give to all the children who were hospitalized. Now that he is 13, he has made between 1200 and 1400 hand crafted teddy bears. He also is beginning to sell his teddy bears to collect money to be able to send children and their parents on a “Kindness Cruise.”

Christina Li is a 19-year-old who is currently attending Stanford University studying computer science and mechanical engineering. She began a computer science camp for middle school girls, which now has about 30 members. She wants to increase the amount of females who are involved in S.T.E.M fields around the world. She was invited to attend a summer at SpaceX, which is a company that works to increase the probabilities for people to live on other planets.

Sidney Keyes lll, an 11-year-old, began to share what he loved with others when he created Books n Bros, a book club. The club includes boys from the ages of eight to 12 who read books that focus on the culture of African Americans. The club, which currently has 50 members, meets every month to discuss the books that were read for the month.

Haile Thomas, 16 years old, is making a difference to help kids get a better understanding of health in general, as well as nutrition education. She started an organization named “Healthy Active Positive Purposeful Youth” where she teaches children how they can eat healthy with good food. She provides cooking lesson for kids three to six years old. Haile Thomas became interested when her own father was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes and her family had to adapt to eating healthy.

Ryan Hickman is the last CNN hero for the year by making a difference in the environment of our world. He is only eight years old and has recycled more than 275,000 cans and bottles with the help of his community. He also helps to clean the trash on the beaches of his city San Juan Capistrano, Cal. Ryan Hickman said,” It’s very easy to recycle. You just have to grab a bottle and toss it in the correct bin. Boom”