Airlines planning to ban 'smart bags'

Many airlines in America are making plans to ban "smart bags," or bags that contain lithium batteries which could be dangerous in airports. The smart bags are suitcases that follow customers around through a motor and infrared sensor which help detect and avoid objects as the customer is walking around the airport.

The smart bags also contain USB ports to charge phones and have an electronic lock to secure the luggage. Another unique advantage that many smart bags have is the ability to measure the weight of luggage to help prevent extra packing.

Many airports have stated that the lithium batteries are a risk when they are placed on the cargo of the aircraft. The overall concern is that having the batteries on the cargo would make it difficult to detect, possibly causing a fire. Some airlines have allowed passengers to carry them in cabins if the lithium battery can be removedor powered off if the bags are traveling in the cabins. .

Since American Airlines started to make new policies on the situation relating to smart bags, other airlines have also, including Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines. Many policies are to take full action on January 15.

Bluesmart, one of the many smart bags manufacturers, has mentioned how it has sold over 65,000 smart bags and currently has sold out of it latest version. They have also stated that the lithium batteries that are included in smart bags cannot be removed.

According to CNN, Bluesmart stated,” We are saddened by these latest changes to some airline regulations and feel it is a step back not only for travel …obstacle to streamlining and improving the way we travel. “ Bluesmart also mentioned how the bags don’t break any federal regulations from the Department of the Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration, or the Federal Communications Commissions. Delta Airlines has pointed out that it has not approved any smart bags from any company.